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Andrew Groves Performance Horses


This training contract is made on _______________________, 20_____ between
___________________________________________ and Andrew Groves Performance Horses-  
AGPH.  It is the intention to place the horse -  (registered name)
For training and the following terms are mutually agreed upon by both parties.
The training fee of $750.00 per month or $27.00 per day for partial months shall be billed out via email to the following email address of the client’s_________________________________________________________________________ on the last day of the month. All bills will be subject to a 3% late fee after the 15th of the month, unless other arrangements have been made.  Monthly rates are subject to change with 30 days notice.  Owner will have the option to pay via credit card or debit card with a $10.00 service charge for each charge.  Bills for showing will be billed out after the show and payment is expected within 10 days.
Show fees … Hauling $0.55 per mile with a $50.00 minimum.  Day fees are $45.00 per day, starting the day they arrive or $20.00 per day for non showing horses, as horses just going for the experience.  Banding and braiding are available, see web site for current prices.
Colt starting and problem horses will start at $1,000.00 per month and will be expected to stay for 1 to 3 months depending on the horse, unless other arrangements have been made after the first 30 days of training.
Clients are advised to carry “Equine Insurance” to protect their investment and provide AGPH with the phone numbers and policy numbers, in case of illness or death. Client will also provide all available phone numbers for their veterinarian of choice but in the case of an emergency Andrew Groves will have permission to contact another vet if their vet is not available.
Farrier expenses will be at the cost of the client and if AGPH incurs any expense with a farrier then the client will be billed accordingly.
Veterinarian bills will be at the cost of the client and if AGPH incurs any expense for the client’s horse then they will be billed accordingly, this includes any emergency or medications needed whether prescribed or generic. i.e.: wormer, shots, supplements etc…
A negative coggins will be required for all horses. Owners will not bring to AGPH, any animal that is not healthy, contagious or exposed to anything requiring quarantining - this protects everyone’s investment.
Owner is responsible for all showing expenses. i.e.: stalling, shavings, entry fees and if they cannot attend the show than a signed check will be left with AGPH to pay such expenses at the show.
AGPH will not liable for injury or death to animals left in the care of AGPH. QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL CARE IS ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY.  All riders and their guests assume liability for being a participant in equine activities.
 All bills must be paid in full before moving out of AGPH and 2 week notice is requested.
 Futurity horses will be in a separate agreement between owner and AGPH.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________signature                                               date
Please provide the following information below:

Primary phone number:

Emergency Contact:

 Cell number:

 email address:

Billing postal address:

Vet of choice:

Insurance Company name and policy number: